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Nursery Admissions

Children are eligible to attend the Nursery in the academic year during which they turn 4. For example, children would be eligible for admission to the Nursery in September 2017 if they were born between 1st September 2013 and 31st August 2014. There is no automatic transfer from Nursery into Reception. Children attending our Nursery must still apply to Lambeth for a Reception place.

Sudbourne Nursery operates two sessions each day; morning and afternoon, and can accommodate 26 children at each session. 

The morning session runs from 8.30am-11.30am and the afternoon session from 12.15pm – 3.15pm. Demand for places (particularly morning places) is high and places are allocated according to the same criteria as the main school.

Sudbourne Primary School offers flexible nursery provision; parents and carers can request from a range of attendance options depending on personal preference.  We provide part-time nursery places for families who want them, but will also provide some full time provision to meet the needs of families who require additional hours. 

The deadline for parents and carers wishing to apply for a place at Sudbourne Nursery must apply by April 1st for the following September. Please contact the school office for further details. An application form can be downloaded here, which must be submitted with the relevant proofs of identity before the deadline.


The options are as follows:

Part-time place

3 hours per day, mornings or afternoons = 15 hours per week (free entitlement).

Please note parents/carers must request mornings OR afternoons, not a mixture.

Part-time place PLUS 2 additional sessions

5 mornings per week = 15 hours per week (free entitlement)

PLUS 2 afternoons per week (11.30-3.15pm)


Monday, Tuesday   OR   Thursday, Friday

Total 7.5 top-up hours.

Cost of top-up hours = £50.00 per week.

Part-time place PLUS 3 additional sessions

5 mornings per week = 15 hours per week (free entitlement)

PLUS 3 afternoons per week (11.30-3.15pm)


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday   OR   Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Total 11.25 top-up hours.

Cost of top-up hours = £75.00 per week.

Full-time place

Full-time, 5 days per week – 8.30am-3.15pm.

15 hours per week (free entitlement).

Total 18.75 top-up hours.

Cost of top-up hours = £125.00 per week.

N.B. Children who stay for the whole day are asked to bring a packed lunch to school or buy a school meal @ £2.30 per day.

The school will allocate places to meet the preferences of as many families as possible using the standard admissions criteria as applied by London Borough of Lambeth for school admissions. We would ask parents/carers to indicate a ‘second preference’ in case we are unable to meet your first preference. Parents/carers will be informed of their offer as soon as possible.

We operate a waiting list for applicants to whom we have not been able to offer a place.



Downloads2016 2017 Nursery Generic SupplementaryApplicationForm.pdf Nursery Application Form updated March 2016(2).doc