What is 'Mastery' in maths at Sudbourne?

The new maths curriculum encourages children to master maths ideas.  This ensures a deeper and sustainable understanding of maths concepts which enable them to apply their knowledge appropriately, flexibly and creatively to new and unfamiliar situations.

When a child has mastered an area of maths they will be able to:

Problem solve!

Children can use their maths to solve real problems.

Prove and justify it!

Children can explain why their answers make sense.

Manipulate it!

Children can demonstrate their understanding in a variety of ways.

Teach it!

Children can teach what they have learnt to someone else.

Link and apply it!

Children can identify patterns, relationships and make connections within and outside of maths.

Say it!

Children can use high order maths vocabulary to explain their thinking and strategies.



Year One's Cuisennaire Project

"We are so excited about maths in Year 1! In September, we started using Cuisennaire rods to help us with our learning. We have our own box and we use these in all lessons.  We played with them and explored them for a while to see what we could make - some of us made houses or monsters and some of us made towers and patterns! We still do this at the beginning of every lesson but we've moved on to writing some amazing equations now!


Before we do any writing, we make sure we 'talk it, make it, solve it!' and this helps us to see if we are right.  We use the words equivalent, plus and difference to show what we have made using the rods.  By the way, the rods all have very special names and we use a secret code when writing about our findings.  We can even write using brackets and fractions now! And we're only in Year 1! We can't wait to see where our maths journey with the Cuisennaire rods will take us next!..." Please download our Maths Workshop Handout for Parents at bottom of the page.




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 Sudbourne Primary School is part of the international Mathletics community, which is a web based maths learning programme which helps children to have fun whilst having fun! Pupils are given details about how to log-in to Mathletics at the start of each school year.


For information about ways you can help your child with Maths at home, visit Oxford Owl